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Business trends en ontwikkelingen

Here are the biggest economic challenges we face over the next 10 years

Source: World Economic Forum
After the 2007-09 financial crisis, the imbalances and risks pervading the global economy were exacerbated by policy mistakes. So, rather than address the structural problems that the financial collapse and ensuing recession revealed, governments mostly kicked the can down the road, creating major 
downside risks that made another crisis inevitable. And now that it has arrived, the risks are growing even more acute. Unfortunately, even if the Greater Recession leads to a lackluster U-shaped recovery this year, an L-shaped “Greater Depression” will follow later in this decade, owing to ten ominous and risky trends

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How to deal with the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behaviour

Source: The Next Organization
Do you still remember the time that you could go outside and that people within 2 meters were not your enemy? The time you could go to your office and celebrate the end of week with more than 3 people on a terrace in the sun? This was the time before the coronavirus outbreak. The virus not only determines what we can do, but also influences how we behave. It seems that the corona virus is likely to create permanent shifts in consumer behaviour which have a huge short- and long-term impact on retailers. Are you prepared for this shift?

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Mensen en leiderschap

The toughest leadership test

Source: McKinsey & Company
The coronavirus pandemic has been an epic test of character and determination for millions of people around the world. Nothing compares with the sacrifice of workers on the front lines in hospitals and other essential services. In the business context, CEOs have had to cope with extraordinary demands: for them, the pandemic has been an ultimate leadership test.

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Brigadegeneraal Kees de Rijke: 'Dit vergt een compleet nieuwe vorm van leiderschap'

Source: CHRO
De Koninklijke Landmacht doet continu aan risico-inventarisatie; er zijn digitale appèls, militairen loggen thuis in. Oefenen en trainen, is nu moeilijk. 

Als we brigadegeneraal Kees de Rijke spreken, is hij onderweg van de kazerne in Havelte naar ‘thuis’ in Gorinchem. In een VW busje, waar hij op de achterste bank zit. Om die anderhalve meter afstand tot de chauffeur en vice versa in acht te nemen… 

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Leaders should be humans first, especially in times of crisis

Source: Forbes
Okay, let’s get right down to business—especially now, when so much is going on, there are so many unknowns, and so much is at stake. There’s no time to waste.

This is how a lot of people think, and how they conduct themselves, especially in times of crisis. But are you really wasting time if you show clients and colleagues your human side—show them you care? I don’t think so. In fact, I think the opposite is true— especially now, when everyone’s senses and emotions are heightened. 

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Is the COVID-19 outbreak a black swan or the new normal?

Source: MIT Sloan Management Review
In the time between writing this and reading it, whatever I say about COVID-19 will likely be out of date. That’s the nature of something moving at exponential speed through society. The scale of what’s happening is hard to grasp, and it’s logical to wonder whether COVID-19 is the so-called 
black swan that society and business have feared. The answer is, of course it is. But it also could be the kind of challenge we now will face all the time — a new normal. 

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Playing by the rules: Dutch leader offers a sober contrast in a brash era

Source: The New York Times
At a time when populists are overturning social norms, Prime Minister Mark Rutte did not visit his mother in the weeks before her death. It was against his country’s policies.

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Common Ground

VPRO Tegenlicht: The bigger picture

Source: VPRO
In hoeverre zal de coronacrisis een kantelmoment in ons mondiale systeem worden? Tegenlicht zoomt uit en probeert het grotere plaatje te zien. Zien we de contouren van een nieuw en meer toekomstbesteding wereldsysteem?

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The Post-COVID-19 flight plan for airlines

Source: Boston Consulting Group
airline industry has been hit extremely hard by the COVID-19 crisis—even harder, perhaps, than by the events of 9/11 and the 2008 global financial crisis put together. With unprecedented consequences, many airlines have grounded all, or almost all, of the planes in their fleet. Several are now flying passenger aircraft as freighters. Most of the commercial, network, and operations teams are still scrambling to repatriate passengers and decide which flights to keep. Meanwhile, executives are in touch with governments, employee representatives, and suppliers to formulate responses under very dynamic circumstances. 

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Why COVID-19 will not stop globalization

Source: Rand Corporation
As country after country closed its borders amid the spreading coronavirus pandemic, a 
flurry of commentators from across the politicalspectrum predicted that the outbreak would upend how we think about the flow of people and goods across borders and leave a markedly different world in its wake. Publications ranging from the right-leaning PJ Media to the left-leaning Nation have run pieces predicting that the coronavirus will spell the imminent end of globalization.  

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Ons afweersysteem leert de samenleving een les

Source: NRC
Wat kan de mens leren van het menselijk lichaam, vraagt Robbert Dijkgraaf. Door vooraf te investeren kunnen we ons wapenen tegen toekomstige bedreigingen. 

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Digital strategy in a time of crisis

Source: McKinsey & Company
If the pace of the pre-coronavirus world was already fast, the luxury of time now seems to have disappeared completely. Businesses that once mapped digital strategy in one- to three-year phases must now scale their initiatives in a matter of days or weeks.

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Healthcare providers: preparing for the next normal after COVID-19

Source: McKinsey & Company
The length of disruption for patients continuing physical distancing remains unclear. However, most forward-looking healthcare organizations may use this time to materially scale virtual health offerings in ways that create competitive advantage.

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Health and economy should be equally important for controlling COVID-19

Source: Advanced Science News
An international team of researchers have warned what should be known to all politicians and leaders across the world; that people’s health should be given just as much priority and safeguards as the economy as some countries emerge from months of lockdown.

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